Meet The Committee

Alice Eldridge


Money and Power blah blah 

watergate scandal blah blah 



Paperwork and stuff blah blah blah

getting the president a coffee blah blah blah

Madison Mulder


Money and stuff blah blah blah

Taking a little bit off the top blah blah blah

Jalen King

Communications Officer

Photos photos and onlyfans

Tammen Westlake

ICT Officers

Simply better than any other role 

Georgia Walsh

Social Convenor

Parties parties parties 

Elliot Styles

Cultrural Convenor



Male Sports Convenor

Yeah Sports

Zoe Witkowski

Female Sports Convenor

Sports Yeah

Pearl Mitchell

College Ambassador

Healthy Intercollege relations

Nilesh Bartlett

Diversity Officer

Putting the i in diversity


First Year Representative

Silly Fresher with a little bit of influence

Eliza Bird

Past Committee Member

Lets see how it goes the second time around

Christ College Student Club

20 College Road

Sandy Bay TAS 7005

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